The face behind the mask

Not even blood can be trusted I learned that back then when I was six
From a famous animation know as the Lion King
Due to my innocence that I couldn’t stand to believe
Well that’s not until the age of twenty
When the universe decided to clear my doubts
And to show me the world for what it was

Recently a wife I was having the time of my life
Everytime I looked at my fingers it was hard to believe it’s mine
The girl with the ring can’t lie it felt like royalty
It wasn’t a dream for the first time that I was certain
But a reality that was a few steps to be perfect

One night while having dinner sitting next were the two people who meant the world to me
On my right my big sister my best friend since forever
She has been more than a sister a mother I can say
My advisors she knows me more than I even know myself
She had come to visit us for a couple of days
But everytime she decides to leave I’ll always be on my knees begging her to stay
Coz it’s with her that am that me I can’t explain
On my left was my loving husband the love of my life
Since we met eight years have gone by
Best years of my life with no doubt that I can’t lie
Wish I could say more but words fail me when it comes to him
For these two precious beings I was willing to give whatever the world required from me

Heaven on earth what did I do to deserve that
It’s been a small paradise for a couple of months now
Well Happy ever after don’t exist so welcome to reality
A road accident that left me thinking well this is it
The curtains have decided to close on me
I was holding on to my life by a few inches of my palms
I couldn’t feel my legs nor see anything the world just turned dark
To ever walk again was out of question but the fact that I was still breathing made me so glad
And this very bed became my home now it’s almost seven months

Not even a single day they would spare to come see me
Yet months ago I would have given my life for them stupid me
The wealth I worked my ass off to accumulate
She simply changed the some documents and now all under her name
I wish she could have poisoned me since she was my next of kin
Then I would have died quicker with less pain of not know she was capable of this
You truly never know anyone since some people don’t even know themselves
And while on this bed I got to know my real friends
Who would manage to make me smile and look forward for another day
While my “loving husband” didn’t even have the balls to show his face

The doctors claim that my legs are getting better by day
And that I might just be able to walk this earth once again
But will my heart be able to heal and trust
The hard way I learned that even blood ain’t enough
That loyalty ain’t given through birth
Felt so betrayed what could have made them change like that
That question I kept asking myself with no possible answer fitting into space
Then it came to me that maybe all the smiles and love was staged
And it’s not that they’ve changed but it’s the mask that fell
And that was the real them their true faces

The face behind the mask

41 thoughts on “The face behind the mask

  1. Every single day i cried, looking at my leg i tried to walking holding my side. It was difficult i knew for the First time. But there was wound in my heart that said give me poison so that i may die. But there was a voice that said,”If there was no pain, do you think life is worth living happy all day on our side.. That’s when i tried, this time the spirit in me woke-up and there was a hand on my side… Life turned out to be beautiful when i stood at the window, looking outside. There was a day when i cried… A wish that was granted… I am standing on my leg again.. and i am stronger than before, and the strength i have now is unbreakable, because life is a journey with a lesson that passes by ❤❤❤

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    1. Very true
      Life is a journey with a lesson that passes by….
      We just need Faith and strength to see tomorrow
      For tomorrow is always a brighter better day
      It might take weeks months years for our tomorrow to reach but one thing is for sure that our tomorrow will definitely be waiting for us

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  2. Dido bro.. believe me your very post makes me curious. My mind runs questions you know like dude how do you even think of these stuff ? I mean who are you and what kind of life you are living… i know none of this is my business but still these questions pops up you know… SO, yes, this stuff, THIS STUFF which I just read is great. Man, keep writing 🙂 CHEERS 🙂

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  3. I thought this was actually a poetry, but then I read it again, and I was like, ” No, stupid.” Nice story by the way and thanks for liking my post! I appreciate it!!

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