Today for the first time am writing from memory
A beautiful memory which I remember not
To the women who loved me before I was born
Owned my heart before it formed
And at that hospital ward it wasn’t just love at first sight but more
My first cry I couldn’t help it for the world felt so cold
But all that changed once your face I saw

Her feet are the seashore for the lost captain
For when I’m lost at her is where my world tastes happiness
She would always favour me despite the fact she needed it more
Being the first born meant that this experience she was never taught
When it comes to loving me that’s her weakness
She love to love like love has no hate
She love to love like hearts can’t break
Through her weakness I know I’ll never starve
For unlike everything else mother’s love never changes
Always and forever there to glance at and take a taste

I was raised by a queen who taught me to Chase my dreams
It never mattered that I was twenty or two
She’ll always put me down and tell me the truth
Drew a very thick line between right and wrong
Told me to always stand my word if I say no I should mean that no
Made me a Man when I was surrounded by boys as my peers
As a child my protector she made feel safe and secure
Her sacrifices if only I could sit back and count them I’ll be in tears
Stay strong for Us when no one had her back
And where she stands is where my paradise at

I’m sorry for everything Mum I’m sorry for it all
For all the promises I fall short
The sacrifices you made that I’ll never recall
All the missed calls and times you called and got no respond
Not forgetting about the sleepless nights I caused
The dumb time I skip school leaving you unaware of whereabouts
I’m sorry for all the times we fought and I open my mouth to talkback
And all the times I dared turn on you my back
The many storms we’ve gone through together
And that’s why my love for you can’t be measured

I just wanna be like you so I decide to write about you
You’ve made me the man I am today
So it’s time I get this off my chest
Till I make you proud I won’t rest
I love you I know I don’t say that much often
You’re precious than rubies valued than gold
And best believe you mean the world to me even though sometimes I never show
I’ll confirm that it’s true that my favourite superhero mostly wears black
But not from Gotham and that’s a fact
Talk is cheap So to you words will never be enough

Happy Mothers day.


28 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Aaaaaw thanks 😍…. You inspire me to be a better me…. Love you to the moon and back…. You and your brothers are my heartbeats and I know I’ll be loving you till my last breath….

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