The Black Queen

Like a wildflower which grows from a crack
Impossible it was not to notice her sparks
She was not for everyone
For only few knew her worth
The very few who were blessed with eyes and knew it’s work
With an invisible crown on her head
Her big round eyes eying ahead
Her past not yet throw away
She’s strong for she was made that way
Opinions are free so not all think same
But her beauty more than just a face
Her definition of beauty varies from those of many poets

She knows most girls her age thinks that beauty is measured
Measured by how many necks you turn each time you pass
How many thumbs double-tap each time you post on gram
The comments they leave behind on your Facebook
By the unread DMs you find every night while in your room
The number of times you get stopped at every bus stop
So as the number of photos you’ve taken with the ‘socialites’ on your phone
The piercings and tattoo all over your body in the name fashion
The number of times you’ve been in the back left of big cars
Claiming that wounds do heal yet forgetting about the scars

She chooses to be different
Not perfect but her flaws limited
She knows that beauty isn’t about the clothes you wear
And definitely not the way you comb your hair
She’s beautiful for she’s her mothers heir
Her reflection she portrays out there
The woman that she was brought up to be
Nothing less than what today she is
Her dark skin she values most
For with no price can it be bought
It’s a blessing to have it that she knows
The talks on the streets she ignores
She can’t afford to go low to that level
Bread she has to put on the table

Her beauty is seen through her eyes
Since that’s the pathway to her heart
The same heart that carries love inside
Her true beauty reflected by her soul
In the care she gives and the passion she shows
For true beauty never fades but with years all it does is to grows
The same very road she’ll walk a couple miles more
To be who she is today and nothing more
The art of contentment she was taught
And to that art she’ll forever hold on

With pure love in her eyes
And genuineness in her smiles
To the Almighty she has but one cry
If and when she will be blessed with a daughter
Let not the apple fall far from the tree
She prays and hope that she’ll be better than she could ever be
And fulfil the dreams she wasn’t destined to achieve
And most importantly to take pride in who she is
And the strong words of her mother she’ll pass down
To her daughter as it was done to her

That if someone doesn’t want you it’s not the end of the world
But if you don’t want you the world is nothing but endings

Inspired by Katama Bulushi

28 thoughts on “The Black Queen

  1. Good very good
    But try not to critique the very surrounding and happenings that you know is the society today unless you can change it😉
    But nice piece

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Dido, i was looking for a way to get to you but found this one only, on wordpress that is. Thank you for the love on my blog. Seeing someone appreciate my work like you did is heavenly.

        Liked by 1 person

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