I Thought About You Today

I made a promise to myself never to write about you
Not that we didn’t see eye to eye or I didn’t know your point of view
But simply because I never felt like you were a story best told by me
Now it’s 3AM pen paper and a cup of tea
This one maybe you’ll get the chance to read
That’s if I don’t get too personal with the paper cut it midway and call it quits

I wish I could start by saying how you climbed and managed to get through my walls
But there you were I don’t even remember hearing a knock at the door
You managed to penetrate my defence systems as if they were non-existent
You didn’t destroy my defences rather you exposed them with such grace
A tough notion to embrace
It’s crazy how I learn more about me than I ever did about you
I thought about you Today

It was so clear to me that forever wouldn’t be a product of our encounter
You gave me more than you’ll ever understand
And sadly I couldn’t get enough of that
A listening ear and a hopeful heart this was a new me and you were responsible for that
At times I saw you giving it your best and so did I
But this was never enough
I was never enough
You were never enough
But it’s funny how non of us could say enough is enough
Even though I knew the passenger seat was never meant for me
I did enjoy the ride just the same
Motion sickness and speed bumps thought we were going too fast
I buckled up and held on for a ride we both knew would never last

I crossed the lines I drew a couple of times for you
Showing you my sides that I didn’t even realize I had
They say real men don’t cry we both know that’s very far from the fact
Not having any other word in my vocabulary to describe this I called it love
And can you really blame me for that
You were never my drink to take but if it wasn’t for you
I’d probably never would have known how to talk to an empty page in a book

You were never mine to begin with
And you were never mine in the end
I only held you for a moment and it was a brief moment in time
Your motivation was intoxicating I was left drunk off your presence
I absorbed all that which I could take
And maybe that was enough
You were enough
I was enough
But sadly we had enough of this
You came in empty handed and I still managed to leave with more than I had
I just want to thank you for allowing me to be that me
And thank you for everything I’m not sure you know you gave to me
I thought about you Today



31 thoughts on “I Thought About You Today

  1. The fact that my conscience tells me who this is mean for I weep
    The fact that I know I might be wrong I weep
    But what I know I mean it when I say I’m short yes im dramatic yes but for you love I lay it all down
    Good work love keep up


  2. More relatable than I wish to admit, made me think about things that happened in my little world.

    A beautiful composition


  3. I was also someone who let another break down my walls once upon a time and from that experience I was hurt a lot . To see that someone else went through something similar but ofcourse in a completely different situation but still remains grateful to that person . I just want to say thank you because you made me see things from a different perspective


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