For Your Eyes Only

The third consecutive night she found it uneasy to sleep
Her heart and mind still on disagree but her soul long ago took the leap
She knows the risks since that road was not much of a new trip
She was finally ready to starve than to keep feeding on crumbs
They say the heart wants what it wants but sadly what it wants was miles far from that which it deserves

She sees good in everything and that isn’t always her best quality she knew
For it meant that she’ll stay longer than she should
It meant staying even after she’s left
She wasn’t afraid of imagine the best possible scenario
For she was bold enough to believe that she deserves that if not more
But for months now and the words ‘You Are Beautiful’ on her face she hasn’t been told
Even though she shared a bed with someone every night she still felt alone
A bright season it was but why was she feeling this cold?
For him red was the colour of anger
To her red was the colour for Love
And therefore the contrast between them spoke

All he wanted was her body
She let him have it,
Cause that’s the only thing he worth
A couple of seconds to feel king!
After, she left
Kept her good heart her great soul
Her flerce spirit her intelligence
Her warm smile and everything glorious for a lifetime to herself
Yes, she left with some heavy questions on her chest
Was she not enough? What was it that she lacked?
She forgot that maybe she was so enough that he wasn’t able to carry it
Remembering all the plans she had made
Was she so naive to think they’d get that far
On the bright side she saw those days as pages in her book of life that were never left blank

She went through the pain of tasting forever in the eyes of someone didn’t see the same
Or maybe he did but his masculinity didn’t allow him to show
Masculinity so fragile that it would starve in a house made of kitchens
Though she was a poet she knew she wasn’t ready to open her book and bleed on her page
She’s been there before and only had herself to blame
‘What an amazing piece of work’ they’d all comment
Not even one would oversee the words to notice her pain
So this time she decides to heal herself first
To heal and not to cover her scars
For a broken clock shows the accurate time twice a day
To heal and not to cover her scars
For a broken piece of art is and will never be considered as trash
And that’s not for everyone to see
For Your Eyes Only

Now maybe she’s ready to take her book out and bleed her poetic words
Or maybe she’s not
Either way she takes her pen and starts by…

To young hearts,

Keep beating,

Keep breaking,

Keep falling in love….


Inspired by and created from a post by Qui Qarre

34 thoughts on “For Your Eyes Only

  1. hey fellow poet, what a beautifully written piece you have here. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for liking my recent post.

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