Hearts & Diamonds

Hearts and Diamonds rules the world
Happy is a man who possess these Cards
For they are stronger than the other two
And dangerous for there’s nothing they can’t make you do

A tale is told of a wise gambler
A man who earned his daily plate through cards
A man who mastered the game as if it was an art
His name so mysterious as himself
They named him the king of Ace
His popularity spread from place to place
Many would travel miles just to sit and have a play
A piece of advice he would give after every game
That made the others play again and again
A permanent smile on his face
You can’t blame him for another game meant another gain

Diamonds more than anything he loved
Since growing up that was one of the things he lacked
A rough childhood the king of Ace had
All alone in the harsh world
That’s when he decided to befriend the Cards
With every fall he would dust himself and get up
He got to know his four friends by name since they were all he’ll ever have
Clubs Diamonds Spades and Hearts
It was time to change his destiny and maybe better his luck
At the age of ten for his first game he sat
Diamonds his favourite as he holds them closer to the heart

Guests would always pass by to pay him respect
Each leaving with a pocket weighing less
The table was a sacred place for the king
He had faith in the game and not once had it failed him
Well that’s not until the day he first face defeat
From a lady who played beautifully as she was indeed
Words spread like wild fire
Claiming the king had put down his Amor
That he has lost his crown
To a woman no one has ever seen in town
In disbelief the so called king stood still
Hoping his eyes were deceiving him

‘What you can’t hunt you tame’
The lady had won herself more than just a game
For the king saw something rather than diamonds at stake
It was the first time make no mistake
Unlike his cards he knew time he couldn’t command
And it won’t wait for he was just a man
His real name for the first time to be heard
Jack the king of Ace send out his hand
And she accepted by few word
With vows and a ring they were made One
Jack and Joyce lived to rejoice
Owning the tables they only played to enjoy
Finally Jack found his heart and he valued her more than his diamonds
It was far from happy ever after
For what tommorw holds remains untold

Like a pirate with a treasure map on his hand
Jack’s intentions were straight and clear
It was evident that he wanted a heir
For all this diamonds he wanted someone to share
But Joyce holds the keys to his wish
Her words remained the same consistently
That the right time will soon reach
Patient was the king of Ace
For he knew good things need no heist
Moon after Moon for you’d expect nothing new
Jack’s fate suddenly changed
Unexpectedly like breaking news
She was gone the same way she came
Joyce was no more Yet owned no grave

The heart took all his diamonds and left
The king was left with nothing but his name
The two things he hold dearly to him
None was near for the hands to reach
The king went back to the table to play the game
Once more by the cards he got his bread
The king of Ace was back
And diamonds followed him for each game he sat
Some say it’s magic others claim it’s luck
His name was now well known
And his tale they live to tell
Of the wise gambler
His wisdom he got from books not
But from the heart he once trust

And now a tale is told of a man named Jack
He was the king but had no use for the Queen of Hearts
He placed his bets on the Diamonds


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