Born with the gift many would kill just to have
But to her it was nothing but a great curse
‘So ungrateful of her’ she got used to these words
They never tried to fit her shoes
It was easy to think they’ll withstand

She was the unspoken eighth wonder of this world
She was a perfect masterpiece not fiction nor imaginary
They once around her lived by doubting reality
Her beauty was too much for my words to capture
If I must I’ll need to write a new book and give it a whole chapter

Like any other girl she too gave love a chance
They only saw her for her beauty and her depth they couldn’t withstand
It was try and error untill finally She gave up
It was not that they didn’t love her
They did they loved her in all the ways they knew
But never understood her and with that she felt nothing

Many girls her age envied her life
And she was willing to exachage it without thinking twice
Only if it was possible she wished
Faking smiles for the flashing lights was now so uneasy
She hated all her pictures in magazine and billboards
But the one she hated most was that she was advertising ‘A perfect home’

To love and be truly loved is all she ever wanted
Anyone who would oversee her outer beauty to see the inner her
That’s was her definition of “The perfect”
‘For everyone there is someone’ this than any other words she forever doubted
She had all that she could ever want and more
But to that she’ll forever need she was tired of asking since the answer was always NO

She was never alone but always lonely
Just like Surfing to the residents of the seashore
She got used to her world of loneliness
Sad and alone tomorrow wasn’t worth waiting for anymore
All in the name of the ‘Gift’ she never asked for
She wasn’t sad anymore she was numb and she knew somehow numb was worse


35 thoughts on “Numb

  1. What an excellent poem! The description is so vivid, the words fit together well. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what else you have.–E.R.Peters

    Liked by 1 person

  2. man you got some deep poetry with you… “To love and be truly loved is all she ever wanted” Dido πŸ™‚ keep it up… i am looking forward to your poems from now on… definitely have to keep an eye on you πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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