What you made me

As am stranded in more than this walls
Tonight in this full moon I’ll unfold
How I died for am a man with no soul
I open up my chest to give you the untold
For no ears have heard my torments before

I too used to smile at the blowing winds
Took refuge from the sun under these same trees
Happiness and joy was all I could feel
In fairytale and Santa too I believed
With my big pure eyes I thought I could see
It was all an illusion she woke me from that dream

Her glass was full to an extend of dripping
Mine was almost empty so I needed to fill it
She taught me new things and gave new gifts
But one was memorable I hanged it in my wall of thoughts
It healed my small scars and made me whole
My first kiss was like nothing the world had offered before

There was no ‘time will tell’
My watch had already spoken
I gave her my heart and soul with all she ever wanted
Surrendered to her control for I just flesh and bones walking
It was more than a dream a perfect reality as if she had wrote it
I do I do I do the words on my mind and each day I stood hopping
For after a ring and the vows this life would be worth writing
At least that’s what I thought

A morning like other mornings
But for that day I’ll live to forget not
Four years since my mother answered to God’s calling
And finally Father was ready to tie the knots
Settled down was the crowd for the priest to lead the mass
My mind so far from where we were visualizing it was us
On the far left I stood as the bride walks down the Aisle

The colour she wore was red I personally thought how unusual
Veild up to the face no wonder she had maids
As she rose up the staircase and vows they exchanged
‘You may now kiss the bride’ the Veil was then unveiled
For I never doubted my eyes before for it was her whom I thought was mine

For I gave myself up as a whole and she returned my heart in pieces
She could have taken it with her but again what’s the point
She knew very well a heartless man feels no pain
With no soul and heart divided in a hundred pieces
Now each piece loves whom and when it pleases
So judge me not my fellow demons
For I am nothing but WHAT YOU MADE ME


45 thoughts on “What you made me

  1. Woow….i knew u’d one day make a great poet…n now here u are writing articles…..this piece is so legit and this means u going places…..achieve your dream coz i know you a champion…proud ov you Dido… Congrats

    Liked by 2 people

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